The interesting thing is that many guys are sabotaging themselves when it comes to the online pussy game. They know that guys do hook up with pussy over the internet. The problem is most of them, deep down inside, believe they’re not that guy. That’s right, they basically took themselves out of the game that’s why they can’t get laid even if their lives depended on it.

This really is too bad because thinking that hook up sites don’t exist then is essentially an admission of failure. You’re basically telling the world that you don’t have what it takes. You’re not going to succeed if you think that way. You have to stop being a pussy and you need to man the fuck up. You have to understand that there are several hook up sites that work. They may not be many, but these websites truly deliver the pussy.

If you’re able to open your mind to this possibility, then the whole world opens up to you. At the very least, a lot of women will open their legs up to you. That’s how it works. You have to first believe for you to achieve. Unfortunately, a lot of guys, especially losers, don’t allow themselves to believe. They think that since they failed in the past, chances are very high that they will fail again and again. In the back of their mind, they think that they’re not capable of anything but failure, heartache and disappointment.

You have to clear all that shit out. You have to do a mental detox. If you want to hook up with anything in life, and I’m not just talking about ass and pussy, I’m also talking about the right career, the right education, and having overall success, you need to do a mental detox. You have to first understand that not only getting sex is possible, but you would get the best result. What is the best result? Mind-blowing sex.

You might think that you’re getting good sex now. If you get the right practice and you get in front of the right women at these hook up sites, you will get your mind blown. I’m not just talking about getting your dick sucked. I’m also talking about getting your mind blown. This means taking your sex game to a whole other level. We’re talking Kama Sutra territory here, baby.  Enough reading, get it done here